Day 29: meditative poem about a strong emotion

Tried to write a poem in which I could be calm and meditative about grief, but I haven’t accomplished this yet. Here are the lyrics to a song I have been working on for the last year about my brother.

Thoughts gather on the swaybacked clothesline
Hope swings from a tree
Memories float like wide-eyed ghosts
None of us dares breathe

Rafter owls preach their call and answer
Crickets string dark prophecies
The howl of your neverly-ever afters
Brings me to my knees

Seems like you spent your daylight hiding from the sky
Sometimes I say goodnight when I mean goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Dawn breaks like a dry ocean
Waves sail you away in a white boat
I light a lantern for the staircase
Every keeper keeps alone

Some of us were born for glory
Some were born unknown
Some were born between the doorways
Some like you were born too far from home

Seems like you spent your sunlight talking to the moon
Sometimes I say goodbye when I mean don’t go I mean don’t go so soon

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Day 30: Minimalist


Crow shuns silver and buries gold