Young Adult Pox Series

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Quirky, fast-paced dystopian thrillers with a diverse, overlapping cast of teen misfits and heroes.

“Not having a future is like living in a house with no roof. We’re helpless dolls for the universe to reach in and move around. Move to bathroom: Lose lunch. Move to Recovery: Lose blood. Move to Chop Shop: Lose lung. Have fatal reaction: Lose game.”

UBracelets that track your every move. Curfews. Police states. Pox Cops. This is Pablo Napolitano’s Post-Pox life. Eight years after a deadly viral pandemic leaves Pablo orphaned in NYC, he’s learned to love his adoptive family and come to at least tolerate life in the Northern Corridor. But when his UBracelet flashes red, Pablo is relocated to a Terminal Ward filled with dying, desperate teens plucked from the NYC streets and foster centers. Painful blood cleanses, blacked-over windows, paper-thin pillows and the fear of dying or losing the misfit friends he’s grown to love consume his life.

With the help of his streetwise roommate, Prez, Pablo realizes he must escape the Ward before it harvests his organs and kills him. Because as Pablo writes, “In one way or another, the Ward always steals your heart.”

The Pox Ward is a young-adult thriller with a diverse cast of orphaned teenagers who are being exploited in a corrupt medical Ward after surviving a world-wide plague.

Seventeen-year-old Kella O’Malley is living through the apocalypse.


She’s definitely running from feral cannibals.

When a pandemic begins mutating humans into killers during her spring break in Georgia, Kella joins with a group of teens and twenty-somethings to carry precious CDC data north on the Appalachian Trail. With no cell phones and no clue how far the mutation spreads, their only hope is to stay ahead of the “Hyenas” and hike faster than the world can end.

If Buffy the Vampire Slayer had to save the world without superpowers, it would look a lot like this. But even while suffering from epic caffeine withdrawal, Kella is determined to protect her younger brother, keep from being eaten alive, and maybe even fall in love before the world definitely ends.

“The end times are not what you were expecting,” Kella writes in the shelter logbook along the way. “Be prepared for a lot of stomach growling. And a serious lack of condiments.”

“Also, take note: Cities overrun by feral human cannibals do not make for great spring break destinations. But on the bright side, it’s very unlikely now that boredom is what will kill you.”

“Falling in love is terrifying. It ranks somewhere between murder hornets and being eaten alive by Hyenas.”

Apocalypse Thoughts is a young adult novel about possible love, possible zombies, and a definite shortage of coffee during the end times.