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Lake and Vine

Paranormal / Teen & Young Adult

After disappearing for over a year, 19-year-old Serotonin (Tonsi) stumbles from the woods with a grenade clutched in her fist and a message for a stranger stashed in her shoe. While Tonsi was gone, the world has been taken hostage by an alien force known as the “bugs.” Worse, her family, now part of the resistance, intends to use her as bait. Tonsi’s childhood friend, Dahlia, is also missing and left something behind. Her boyfriend. And Tonsi might have just fallen in love with him.

A People’s History of Magic

Science Fiction / Humor

Dempsey Talis never planned to study magic through an interdimensional satellite campus. But when he returns to college after twenty years, he becomes a test subject for “Metaquantum Physics for Earthlings 101.” And this ain’t Hogwarts. South Philly CC offers no house elves, no steaming mugs of cider, no never-ending supply of anything but unanswered questions. Dempsey and his band of merry misfits don’t even have wands. So they’ll be fighting intergalactic archenemies with… their wits?

Seriously Good Serials

Nonfiction / Humor

In this serial you’ll find my sage(ish) advice, friendly warnings, a few dorky jokes, and other timeless ruminations on how to write strong serials that hook readers and showcase your skills. I’m a Vella author, professor of creative writing, and freelance editor who gives frequent serial critiques through FB groups. I’m also a firm believer in the abundance mindset. Still reading? “Farewell, hello!” as the Tralfamadorians say, and please consider adopting a shelter pet!