Six Free Serial Novels with Fantastic Worldbuilding

If you’ve been curious about Kindle Vella serials, now through October 11th is your chance to unlock, for free, these awesome Vella serials. Each of these serials presents exceptional worldbuilding and lengthy and indulgent episodes, so take advantage of your free 100 unlocks per day and try them out while the getting is good! (No commitment, subscription, or purchase required).

First is Gindlina: Good Witch of the West, presenting a rich blend of historical Russian folklore and a good old good witch story with complex, compelling characters. Gindlina

Next is Passions Rising: A Story of Civil War New Orleans, Love, and Bread. Passions is a smart, slow burn Civil War historical coming of age story that will surprise you as you discover its depth. Passions Rising

And check out Martian Outrider, a well-paced Mars post-apocalyptic action-adventure series that delivers strong action and worldbuilding! Martian Outrider

While this sale is going on, you also don’t want to miss Mandala by Edward Eidolon, a magical realism speculative thriller that will leave you surprised at every turn and possibly even questioning reality. Mandala

The best fantasy romance I’ve come across is Witchery, a witty, tongue-in-cheek Victorian family-feud romance with elements of mystery and adventure! Witchery

And for a lyrical and quirky, mind-bending and genre-bending romp through friendship, liberation, and redemption, try The Fern and the Rose: The Fern and the Rose

For more information on how the Amazon Vella platform works, read here. Remember, Vella charges readers by the word, so download these longer episodes now for free and save them for a rainy day!

Kendra Griffin is a professor, editor, and author; her own comedic science fantasy series, A People’s History of Magic, can be found here (also free and also lengthy!) during this promotion. A People’s History of Magic

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  1. I SO enjoyed these 51 episodes! Didn’t know it would end on such a cliffhanger! More, please!

    1. That’s great! Do you mean mine? I think I have 51. I’m glad you enjoyed a new Vella story and I so appreciate you reading and supporting me and/or Vella authors! I’m just about to end this “season.”

      1. Kendra, Yes. So sorry I didn’t realize the comment I was leaving was for the six serial novels; I had just finished reading your episode 51 and meant to comment only on it! Thoroughly enjoying it! Keep writing! You have a real gift!Stu ThomasSent from Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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